Igniting Opportunities

About The Event

Mind the Gap is the Lebanese National Energy (LNE) newly formed subcommittee with a vision to ignite overdue change in mentality making use of current worldwide momentum to reflect a different perspective.
The mission of this forum is to identify and highlight different capacities and skills through discussions of challenges with concrete solutions by exploring the roles of all the parties involved, distinguishing the respective roles of Governments, private sector and civil society for strengthening partnerships and impact assessment.

The Panelists

Meet the list of the panelists participating in our event.


The Agenda

The Mind The Gap event is taking place at The Convention Center - Dbayeh. Check our event's program below


09:00 AM

Opening ceremony

10:00 AM

Panel 1: Technology, economy and their opportunities

11:15 AM

Panel 2: Culture as a platform for preservation and progress

12:45 PM

Corporate lunch

2:00 PM

Panel 3: Education in building a nation

03:00 PM

Coffee break

04:30 PM

Panel 4: Rise to crescendo of political representation

04:45 PM

Closing ceremony

06:15 PM

Our event, Mind The Gap will be held at The Convention Center - Dbayeh.


We would like to thank our sponsors for their great support.